Challenge yourself; 5 changes for 5 days

Change is difficult. We all know this. Most people are afraid of change, because it usually means we need to make an effort, to work on an area we don’t particularly want to work on. If we have a goal to run a 10k in 2 months, that means we must train for it. Training means getting off the couch, leaving the warmth of the fire and heading into a wild and windy February night. So while initially we are energetic and excited about the prospect of running our first 10k. The excitement usually wears off after a couple of weather beaten runs!! Don’t get me wrong, it is completely worth it. You will never come back from a training session and say, ‘I wish I didn’t go’. Even if your eyes are hurting with the sweat (yes this has happened to me numerous times!) it is still worth it.

Recently I have found I am more successful than ever on this journey towards a healthy me. So why is this. I have moved the goal posts slightly closer, making it easier to score! I decided my goals were going to be small and attainable. In my first blog post I listed my goals for the year. Breaking them into; short term, mid year and year goals. But then I was thinking what if I want a short term challenge, where I can try something for a few days in the hope of turning a trial into a routine.

I decided on 5 changes for 5 days. I felt that I could force myself to commit to 5 small changes for just 5 small days. I fought against the idea of a full week. I love my Saturday and Sundays, my 20% ‘off days’, where I don’t need to over think the foods I choose to eat. So 5 days was enough, for a start at least.

Here are my 5 small changes for my week:

1. Monitor the amount of water I am drinking. Two litres is the recommended amount of water per day and more if you train. I try to drink as much as I can but I had no idea how much I was taking in. I saw a nice idea from Nics Nutrition where she labelled a 2l bottle, with the times of the day down the side. This is such a simple way to monitor your water consumption and insure you take in the recommended quantity. Defiantly worth a try.


2. Start taking Fish Oils. I was told over a year ago by my trainer, when my bones were cracking and creaking that I should take fish oils. In one ear and out the other. Recently it was suggested to me again so I thought I better look into it. Fish oils contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are not made in the body and so must be consumed. They are said to reduce triglycerides in the blood. High levels of triglycerides in the blood can lead to coronary heart disease and stroke. They are also said to support bone health.


3. Egg and green smoothie every morning. This has become my morning ritual anyway, but if I train in the morning I would be tempted back to the warming deliciousness of my oats. So training or no training I forced myself to crack out the egg and spinach, over and over again!!!

Brekky; omelette, rocket, smoked salmon
Brekky; omelette, rocket, smoked salmon

4. Master Quinoa. I had 5 days to get this quinoa right. I just cant seem to cook this product. I have attempted it a number of times in the past and it always ended up a sloppy mess. This time I could not fail! It was on the third attempt that it started to look like quinoa should. I was consistently adding too much water. Some guidance from wellanicity saved me. Now that it is finally mastered. What does one do with it!!! I did some research and came up with a few recipes I am planning on trying. I only got around to one recipe so far, but I am really excited to try the others next week. Keep eye on the Instagram to see how I am getting on.

Roasted squash and pinenut Quinoa

Lemon Feta Quinoa

If you like me struggle with the cooking of quinoa lets try these…

Quinoa Sesame Snaps

Butternut Squash & Quinoa
Roasted squash and pinenut quinoa

5. Last meal of the day. As I mentioned in my last post. I really struggle with my meal after training. While trying to come up with an explanation for this eating habit I divulged back into my childhood. For as long as I can remember I have been a cereal addict. Sure why wouldn’t I be when its so full of sugar. Every night before bed I would have a bowl of cornflakes. I lived on them, first meal in the morning and last meal at night. I am convinced that every behaviour learned as children, finds its way into our adult life. That is until the time comes and we get the kick up the bum we need. Telling us we are not children anymore and new behaviours need to be learned. Unfortunately I am still on that learning curve but I am improving all the time.


So back to you… Make 5 small changes for 5 small days. Anything you want. Increase water consumption to 1 litre a day. Drink one cup of green tea a day. Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg in a day. Reduce fruit to one piece while increasing veg to four pieces. Drink no alcohol for one week. Only eat the one bar of chocolate. Identify your area of weakness and work on it. Turn an old ritual into a new healthy habit.


Milo says hi!
Milo says hi!

Milo & Me






9 thoughts on “Challenge yourself; 5 changes for 5 days

  1. Thanks for sharing those recipe links, I’m really excited about trying them! I have tried cooking quinoa, but I’m never really sure if I’m doing it right! Great blog too btw! 🙂

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